Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally some pictures!

Pictures in no sort of order whatsoever. You can see in some that Natalie was not feeling well.
The lighting is not great in most of our pictures because we try to keep her room dim.

Most recent picture of Natalie....she looks much healthier now that her abdomen is better. This is her "upside down diaper look." It is much easier to change her this way than flip her.

Annie's 3rd visit with her little sister. She liked touching her head but was not ready to kiss her (she has me kiss Natalie for her). She pointed at the milk in the syringe and asked where Natalie's intestines were. I told her and she asked if the milk went to her intestines. Little did we know that her intestines were about to become a very big deal in just a few hours.

Natalie the night she was diagnosed with NEC. In retrospect it is obvious that something was going on with her abdomen (this is the same night as Annie's visit).

Her diaper over the head look. She likes to be protected from light.

SO glad that she has a central line and is no longer sporting multiple peripheral IVs. She was incredibly alert for someone recovering from surgery and on a great deal of sedation.

Natter's crying face-she has very expressive eyebrows.

Natalie post surgery with her bandages. That beast with the numbers is the oscillator and the iNO tank/dispenser is behind it.

Natalie enjoying her books on that bald head! This is from Friday and you can see she is already doing so much better.

Annie's first day of preschool was today. She is growing up way too fast.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Now I know to visualize a Santa hat on that bald head. She's as sweet as ever!

  2. The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Love Annie's "tails" (that's what Chelsea calls them) and Natalie's bald head! I'm so glad to read about the positive news - I was a few days behind! Hugs and prayers to you all!