Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday February 12th

Today I was admitted to the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy. Leaving Anneliese is going to be incredibly difficult but we are blessed with family and friends willing to lend a hand (a million thanks!!!). I keep reminding myself that toddlers are resilient and this will hopefully benefit her in the long run. Annie has great plans for "Baby Sister" and I am doing the best I can to make those plans become a reality. Luckily my parents are in town this weekend and the responsibility of captivating her grandparents means she barely registers my absence.

At the hospital it should be easier for me to stay on bed rest and the baby can be monitored frequently. Should an immediate concern arise there is an OR on the same floor and they can perform an emergency C-section quickly.

The highlight of tonight was the bedside u/s. The doctor took her time so we could enjoy watching our daughter. For a black and gray blur she is exceptionally beautiful. I have had very little leaking for a whole day so she actually has some fluid to move around in. This is so much nicer then the cramped u/s we usually see. The downside was what a hospital considers "rest." We arrived at 4PM and I did not have a real break until 10:30.

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