Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, I finished my post this morning and immediately discovered I was bleeding again. The nurse put me right on the monitor and Baby Girl had another nonresponsive NST. I also started having regular contractions. We had another biophysical profile and once again she looked great. She was tolerating the contractions well so the doctor decided we will wait and see.

She did say that the nonresponsive NSTs may indicate the start of a low grade infection. She ordered a CBC and my white count is fine. I don't have any other symptoms, so again we wait and see.

So far there has been no real change. Still bleeding and the contractions are fairly frequent. I have not been moved to Labor and Delivery, something I very much appreciate. I do have an IV in place though which is reassuring.

Amidst all the excitement of this morning the maternal fetal medicine doctor and the neonatologist met with me to discuss delivery. As things have not been going smoothly lately with the abruption and her NSTs we are all in agreement to deliver at 34 weeks (of course Baby Girl may exercise her right to be born at any time). For those who don't want to do the math, it means we are looking at April 26th or 27th, depending on the schedule of my preferred doctors.

I hope to update soon saying that life has returned to boring. Please keep good thoughts and prayers for our little girl. She is such a strong baby and has handled the stress of low fluid, placental abruption and constant contractions beautifully.


  1. you know I am not a big crier but I teared up as I read this (my classmates are looking at me like I am crazy but I don't care!) I am not crying out of fear but out of awe for your amazing strength. You are so right to believe your heart and not everything the doctor's say, it is there job to prepare you and Steve for the worst but I know they will be shocked and thrilled when Baby Girl Tee proves them all wrong as I know she will. Your strength is phenomenal and is going to get all of you through this. All of the Teegardens and Mellems have been in my thoughts through this ordeal and will continue to be. Love you guys!!

  2. not that it matters but I meant their job, not there job. I know you'll pick up on that one Jen!

  3. Not that it matters but I meant their job, not there job. I know you'll pick up on that Jen!

  4. with my prayers.

    many of my headstart bus riders were preemies, and they glow with confidence.

    dad & grandpa