Friday, October 15, 2010


was nervous last night when Steve stayed at the hospital so late. I thought she wasn't doing well and he was waiting for her to stabilize. I worked up the courage to call for an update and Natalie was doing very well. Just during our conversation she went from 84% FiO2 down to 78%.

I called this morning and overnight she went as low as 60%. Wonderful. During the morning she was as high as 75%, but that was mostly when she was upset. The nurse mentioned that she was fussy and her temp was up (38.2). They thought she was agitated due to the new meds and attributed the temp to the agitation. Despite hearing that she was cranky this was the best update we've heard in some time. Certainly it was light years better than yesterday.

Her nurse called a few hours later to say that Natalie's temp was now 39.3. It has never been that high. Now they attribute her crankiness and the temp to infection. Blood cultures, urinary cath and culture, CBC, CRP......waiting to hear back on results. They are also going to take a look at her ears. I am very much hoping that she has a basic ear infection but know better than to get my hopes up. While she is going through all the unhappiness of being poked and prodded she is back at 100%.


  1. Praying for Natalie and your family.

    "They cried to you and you were saved; In you they trusted and were not disappointed."

  2. We are praying for Natalie.
    Everything will be ok.
    Kisses from Poland :***


  3. The good the bad and the ugly.....someone needs to remake this film but have a preemie star as Clint Eastwood. Hope they find out what she has, get in there and fix it and let her soar right on down the oxygen road!!!! We are waiting with bated breath. Keep us updated, I am on here daily to here word of you guys. Love ya

  4. Thank you for so many updates this week. Hooray for the new trach and the ultimate mom advocate! Hoping for a quick growing bug from the cultures and an even quicker response to treatment. The pictures of both girls this week were precious

  5. Natile passed away today.

  6. Oh no, please tell me that anonymous is wrong. My heart is breaking!