Monday, March 29, 2010

The Big 3-0

Yesterday Baby Girl turned 30 weeks. We celebrated by bringing treats for the nurses and they surprised us with a "30" balloon.

Last night my body rebelled and I started bleeding again, this time more than I had before. We went back over to high risk labor and delivery for the night to be observed. The bleeding has not gotten any worse and Baby Girl looks great on the monitor so this morning I am back in my usual room. I am doing my best to stay calm and wait it out. The idea is to keep her in until the bleeding becomes an issue for her or me.

I wanted to share some pictures of life in the hospital for Anneliese. This has become her second home and she really walks around as if she owns the place. This experience has added words such as tourniquet, vacutainer, blood sugar and Doppler to her vocabulary. If she goes into the medical field one day I won't be one bit surprised.

Annie in the chapel-her new favorite hospital hangout

Roaming the halls

Watching the helicopter take off

Getting gloves on to help her favorite nurse draw my blood

Frustrated that she can't get blood to come out my finger-she says she needs a sharper needle. If this kid ever gets her hand on a phlebotomy basket I'm in trouble.

She is getting more and more eager to meet her baby sister and has some interesting ideas about babies. One nurse asked if she was going to help change diapers and she replied "NO! Baby sister does not have a butt." When we were listening to the baby's heart beat I asked Annie what she thought her sister was doing in there and she immediately replied "drinking her bottle but she is almost out of milk so we need to get her more." She has also requested two baby sisters but no brothers. I am anxious to get back home to her but at the same time wanting to give this little one as much time to grow as I can. Regardless it is out of my hands so I am riding it out.

Thank you again to everyone who has been helping with Anneliese. This pregnancy has really been a group effort and we are grateful for everyone's support.


  1. Congratulations on making in to 30 weeks!!! You are doing such an amazing job.

  2. YAY for 30 weeks! LOL @ Dr. Annie. Looks like she knows her stuff! Her and Haydon would make a great pair. He knows all about "bwood shooogah" and "tubes in yo tummy" haha. Continuing prayers that Baby Tee puts on some weight and the bleeding is not an issue.

  3. Annie is such a cutie pie! What a sweetheart you have, JT. HUGE congratulations on making 30 weeks! What an amazing milestone. As always, continued prayers for you, Steve, Annie and baby Tee are coming your way.

    Amy J

  4. Such a big day for you and Baby Girl Tee....Happy 30 weeks!!! I love all the pictures of Annie!! She is handling this like such a big girl. She is going to be a big help with her new baby sister! Looking forward to you hitting more big milestones. Each day is one day closer to the big reward. Lots of love to you and the fam!

  5. 30 weeks is SUCH great news! I'm so happy for you and I know that you can keep on. You might almost be feeling like you're ready at this point, but keep in mind one day in utero is like 3 in the NICU. You are doing such a good job!

  6. YAY for 30 weeks!! I loved the pictures of Annie. She is such a smart little girl and will be an amazing big sister! Our continuted love, support and prayers to you, Steve and Annie!! xo

  7. I'm so glad you've made it to 30 weeks - that's amazing! Good job momma! And I loved seeing pictures of Annie. She's gorgeous! Keep hanging in there. You're doing great! Misty (from the kanalen list)

  8. JT - just wishing you and your family a good Easter weekend. I love the pics of Annie playing doctor to you... so sweet. Praying all will continue to go well.