Friday, March 26, 2010

Gestating Jenny

We have made it one full week past my placental abruption. Last weekend it seemed delivery would be eminent so I am very grateful for this additional time. Things continue to be stable-no bleeding and just a handful of contractions.

Baby Girl has looked great on her daily nonstress tests. She continues to show off with "15 by 15's" when she is only required "10 by 10's." The nonstress tests are one way we know that she is happy and thriving on the inside.

We had an u/s for growth on Wednesday. The fluid was the lowest it has ever been, but that was not a surprise. The best news is that she is now measuring 2 lbs 10 oz, up 10 ounces in two weeks. If we can get another week or two in she should be around 3 lbs (no longer a micro-preemie). We were able to get much better views of her face this time and she bears a striking resemblance to her big sister.

Today marks six weeks as an inpatient. This Wednesday I realized I do have limits in dealing with roommates. At 5AM my very needy roomie tried to start a conversation. She remarked that I sounded tired ( was FIVE in the morning and she had me up until 2AM). I replied that yes, I was tired and she then asked what time she should wake me for breakfast. I had a moment of clarity-I need to buy myself a private room for a few days or risk my sanity. It was a smart decision as my mother was bringing Annie for a long visit and this roommate had a tendency to lose control of emotions and swear, scream and cry. Not exactly the ideal environment for my two year old.

So here I sit in a private room. There is a full sized bathroom with an actual tub and shower (no more showering in a 2 ft by 2 ft cube!). There is a lovely view of the houses across the street but best of all I am alone!!!!!! Obviously I can not continue to pay $40 a day for the duration of my stay but the nurses are working on getting the residents to sign off on my room being "necessary for my mental health." At this point I really think it is.

My mother is in town and bringing Annie for nice long visits in the afternoon. Yesterday we met the very real Easter Bunny on the elevator. The look on her face when the elevator door opened and there stood the Easter Bunny was priceless. She was very excited and told all the nurses about the Easter Bunny and how "he did not step on her foot."

We also had great entertainment last night at dinner. Annie developed a soda obsession this week and has been trying to convince my mother to let her have some. She told Grandma "I have soda every single day....I even have a special pink cup just for my soda!" Now, to the best of my knowledge the child has had exactly two sips of soda in her young life. I told her when she is old enough to eat broccoli she will be old enough to have her own soda. Last night I happened to have Chinese food with steamed broccoli and my incredibly picky eater ran right over to try it. I assumed she would spit it out but no, she ate four big pieces! I had no choice but to pour her some Coca-Cola (ever my daughter, she says she "hates Pepsi"). She had a few sips but then switched back to milk. I am still in shock that my "white food only" child actually ate something green and said she liked it.

I am hoping for a peaceful weekend. Having a private room means Steve can occasionally spend the night so we may have a sleep over while my parents are in town.


  1. YAY for sleep overs and a private room

    JT. our daughters were seperated at birth. mine only eats white food. she will be bribed with ice cream to try new things lately and i am grateful. i will use that line "when you are old enough to have this .. you are old enough to have this.."

    May baby girl tee continute to grow!!!!

    thinkng of you guys!! xo

  2. Hi Jennifer! I am so glad to hear you are able to "chalk up" another week! Your mom has been keeping me up to date when we work together. I am in awe of your amazing strength and patience. I have been praying for you and your family, and will continue to do so! May God bless you and Steve with a healthy baby. Way to go Baby Girl!! melanie lewis

  3. It's been a while since I read your blogs and I am amazed also that you have made it through the ups and downs of PROM... I started reading your blogs maybe late January or so. Time has flown by and we (PROM friends) are all looking forward to celebrating your healthy Baby Girl Tee when she's ready (no hurry, of course)!

  4. This is such great news! How awesome that Baby Girl continues to do well despite everything! And you are amazing for handling everything so well. You are definitely a very strong, patient woman. Enjoy every second of your private room - you have earned it!

    Hugs and prayers to you all!

    Amy J

  5. I loved your post and I love the name! I am so happy that everything is going so well and she is growing so big. 30 weeks is the goal but 32 weeks will be even better! Hang in there and keep us posted! XXOO!