Saturday, June 19, 2010

Belly Shots

I have gotten several comments about her belly picture and realize I should have added a caption. Part of the reason it looks so round is the angle of the picture-in real life it was not so exaggerated. They did feel she was swallowing some air so they added an NG tube to vent her stomach and allow more room for her lungs to expand. Her girth is measured every 4 hours and they describe the quality of her tummy-ie hard, soft etc. That day she just needed to make some toots :0)

During rounds this morning they felt her lungs may be "wetter" due to some med changes. When she went on the oscillator they discontinued all nebulizers. For some reason they can interfere with her ability to ventilate CO2. They added an inline nebulizer and will watch over 24 hours to see how she tolerates them. She is also getting a bonus dose of lasix. I will be over the moon if she shows improvement this afternoon. One of our favorite nurses is working today which always makes the day a bit easier.

Last night we had a great report from the NICU and had a long conversation about her treatment plan. Annie was very patient and sat cuddling me while she listened to yet another "Natalie's lungs" conversation. When I tucked her in I said Natalie was feeling better tonight and that was what Mommy and Daddy were talking about. My sweet sunshine girl said "Matawee is feeling better and that make Mommy happy and it makes Daddy happy and it makes ME happy!" Then she gave me a great big hug. She gets upset with Natalie taking Mom and Dad away so often, she gets frustrated with the endless conversations but she also has such a tender place in her heart for this baby sister she has only seen once. I am very proud of how Annie as a Big Sister.

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