Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Two tests came back with good news. The echocardiogram continues to show no evidence of pulmonary hypertension. Her ASD is still open, but at this point repairing it would be too much for her. It does result in too much blood flow to her lungs but they treat that with diuretics. The brain ultrasound also came back clear, which is reassuring. Like many preemie parents we will not know what effect her medical situation will have on her development for years to come, so any reassurance is good news.

Natalie continues to have significant respiratory struggles this week. Despite high vent settings her O2 requirements are still high and her CO2 levels are elevated. They made some changes to her medications today-adding two new diuretics (these will replace the lasix) and upping her albuteral to 4 times a day. I am hoping and praying that these changes will bring about some good results. We plan on meeting with her doctor tomorrow to get a better idea of the plan at this point. I am fairly certain the plan is to "wait and see" but I would like to hear that in person.

It is so frustrating to think back to just a few weeks ago when she was on the cusp of being extubated. I keep telling myself that she was there once and we can get her back to that point again. I do think the pneumonia took a lot out of her and she needs more time to recuperate.

Steve had a very nice visit with Natalie last night. He was able to hold her for the second time and she was wide awake for the most part. I am jealous that he got to be there when her eyes were open but of course am happy they had Daddy/daughter time.

My parents are in town for a few days so we'll have extra help with Anneliese and more time at the hospital with Natters. Natalie enjoyed time with several grandparents today and I am sure was comforted by their presence.

She has been resting comfortably and looks just incredibly sweet. I am so proud of my little warrior!


  1. "I am so proud of my little warrior"

    So are we :) More prayers coming, STAT! Good news about the brain scans and the echo.

  2. I know the test results gave you a sigh of relief. We'll continue to pray for good news and that these new changes to her meds make all the difference.

    Bethany and Christopher

  3. Indeed a little warrior! Being a mom I know exactly what you're going through.. Baby Natalie is in all my prayers!!