Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Pics

(the bald patches are former IV sites)

Daddy's first time holding Natalie-they make a perfect pair!

One of Anneliese, just because she is so darn cute...


  1. These made me teary... God bless your perfect little family!

  2. What wonderful pictures! You have such beautiful, sweet girls! My prayers continue for all of you!

  3. Good grief look at those cheeks!! She is just too cute! Still praying for you guys every time you come to mind!I know this has been hard on you guys- I pray not only for baby Natalie, but also for strength, peace and comfort for you, Steve & Annie throughout all of this. You are such an inspiring family! Annie is getting big & cute as ever! Lots of love!
    ~Abbi, BBC

  4. Keep the updates and pictures coming! I will keep sending prayers your way!

    ~ Keri