Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Update

Natalie's oxygen requirements creeped up to the 60's overnight so they ordered a chest X-ray. The X-ray showed very wet lungs. They have ordered an extra dose of Lasix hoping that will draw the fluid out. They also ordered cultures on her lung excretions and a CBC and to rule out pneumonia.

As for good news, her vent mode was changed again to one that is a little less invasive. They feel her lungs are strong enough and that the new mode will allow for more healing. It is frustrating that the BPD is what is keeping her on the vent and the vent is keeping the BPD from healing. It is such a catch-22 and I am hoping that things shift in our favor quickly and her lungs can make good progress.

I am now spending my day waiting for test results and hoping she responds well to the interventions. I suppose being in a "chronic phase" in the NICU may not be as easy breezy as I had hoped.


  1. Seems like there is always SOMETHING in the NICU, right? I hope the Lasix works and gets that moisture out of her lungs. Its frustrating when they can't cry/cough and clear that stuff themselves. Suctioning is great but not as good as the real thing. Can they do any type of positional change to draw the moisture away from her lungs? YAY for less invasive vent! Baby steps... tiny little Natalie baby steps.

  2. Happy 3 weeks, Natalie!

    It really does feel longer. Pregnancy and PPROM seem so far removed to me now. Life revolves around children at home and every thought away from the NICU is about the NICU and the miracles that are fighting in little isolettes and warming beds inside.

    I am hoping and praying each day that Natalie will be off the ventilator. We are awaiting pathology reports on Timmy's intestines (should be in today) so we're kind of stuck as well.

    Love those doctors and nurses who know how to present information to parents. What a difference a phrase makes!

    Lots of love and prayers to you and yours!

  3. Hang in there JT!! What a blessing it is to have those loving doctors and nurses to take care of Natters.

    Will keep praying for your family. Stay strong!


  4. NICU time and real time are nowhere close to each other, I know exactly what you mean about it feeling like forever. Also, I always said that a great nurse could make a horrible day feel not as bad, and vice versa!

    It seems like "catch-22" was the name of the game in the NICU...I know how frustrating it can be. But it really sounds like to me that Natalie is making slow and steady progress, which is exactly what you need and want. You guys are constantly in our prayers.