Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Natalie continued to have an eventful day. She spit up, which should not be able to happen since the feeding tube empties into her intestines and not her stomach. They did an X-ray to check the placement of the tube and that checked out fine. Then she had a huge loose stool. They don't know why, so they are keeping her feedings to 10 cc an hour for now and waiting to see what happens.

The blood work does not clearly point to pneumonia but they have decided to do a round of antibiotics just to be safe.

Her oxygen requirements continued to be higher than normal and her respiratory rate is increased again. This is another case of "wait and see." She remains on the new vent mode which is a step in the right direction. They also decreased her nitric oxide to 2ppm yesterday and her blood gases have remained good. I will take every bit of good news that I can get.

I had a longer than usual visit with her tonight, which I needed. It is so hard to leave her and at the same time so hard to leave Annie. I look forward to the day when both my girls are at home.

Please keep Natalie in your thoughts and prayers. I am very hopeful that this is a small blip and she will continue to progress again soon.


  1. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers. I know how you feel about having to leave little ones at home. It is hard, but so worth it when they are all home!

  2. you are all in my prayers and thoughts. xo