Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday and some sighs of relief...

I just got off the phone with Natalie's nurse. After that happened all yesterday it took everything I had to make the call. I was so afraid of what I would hear.

Today so far is looking much better than yesterday. Her oxygen requirements have been in the 30-50's compared to yesterday's 80's to 100%.

They were not able to pinpoint a cause for her increased difficulties. The poor baby had 4 chest X-rays yesterday among other tests. They did feel her right lung had collapsed a little but that it was not enough to be the entire problem. Her lungs actually looked less wet than they had been so that was not the entire problem either. The neonatologist felt it might be a rebound reaction from coming off the steroids. We did agree to do a longer course of steroids with a very slow weaning period of 21 days.

They changed her ET tube (breathing tube) to a larger size this morning. It is possible that she had outgrown the tube and had an air leak.

So, her vent settings are the highest they have been in a long time, but at least her oxygen requirements have come down from yesterday.

They had discontinued her feeds yesterday to give her a break and moved all her meds from oral doses back to IV meds. They are now in the process of moving everything back to oral (well, by oral they mean the tube that runs from her nose into her intestine). So, that is great progress.

The other big news today is she finally had her eye exam and her eyes look mature with no issues. SO nice to have one less thing to worry about.

Thank you all for your support yesterday. Days like that really test my limits and it is comforting to know there are people thinking of her and praying hard. I will update later if there is anymore news.

GO steroids!!! I hope they do all they can do and we see some decreased vent settings soon (although right now I will be patient and not too greedy. Today is already more than I thought we would get).


  1. Glad to her her ogygen requirements decreased! She is a little fighter and will get over those hurdles :) YAY for steroids!

  2. This is great news! Clark had a week or two where he had spells and increased o2 requirements, etc. It was so hard to take, and scary at that...so I know exactly what you're going through. His doctors told us that this just happens, they ran tests but said it's generally par for the course with preemies. Eventually he stopped the desats & hr drops and things evened out. I'm praying for you guys and believe good things will happen.

  3. Keeping you and Natalie in my thoughts.

  4. Praise God that she is doing better! I am still praying for her!

  5. Thanks to the Lord! I am so glad to read that Natalie is doing better today. I have been thinking of her (and you, Steve, and Annie of course!)all day. I've been offering up prayers all day. I will continue to keep your little fighter and the rest of you in my thoughts and prayers! Go Natters!

  6. Hi Jennifer, This is rachel. I am a "PROM" mom. I am actually in the hospital right now on bed rest. By water broke at 22 weeks and 5 days and never went into labor. I actually found your story through babycenter and love that I have something to possible look forward to. I am 24 weeks and 4 days today and show now real sign of actual labor. Hopefully I can hang on. I just was wondering, did you have anyfluid with your little one. I get gushes of fluid leaking but when I went to get measured it only showed one centimeter. I don't know how well baby does and I am looking forward to hearing from you. I would love any info you can give!! here is my blog... www.brandonandrachel.blogspot.com

    Please feel free to contact me anytime. I would love it.

    Good luck with your little one and hang in there!